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Who We Are

Park Place Homes is a full service home remodeling and construction company located in Hampton, New Brunswick and serving customers in Hampton, Sussex, Grand Bay and St. John. We offer a full range of residential remodeling, building and construction services.  We work closely with our customers to accomplish their remodeling goals, whether we are remodeling a kitchen with all the details they’ve imagined, completing minor repairs on a house going on the market, or helping to completely overhaul and flip a home.

The owner of Park Place Homes, Troy Mombourquette, has a long family history in the construction and remodeling business in Halifax.  When Troy visited New Brunswick in 2007, he observed a lack of full-service remodeling and construction businesses and saw the opportunity to build a full-service business that would provide a great service to area homeowners.  Now, instead of making fifteen phone calls and managing multiple contractors, Troy’s clients make one phone call and know the job will get done.

Park Place Homes is an A rated member of the Better Business Bureau. We have references from realtors, home inspectors and clients who can validate our commitment to quality.

Since the quality of our work is only as good as the quality of our team, we work hard to ensure we have a highly skilled and satisfied work crew.  We have very low turnover and keep key skilled workers, such as carpenters, plumbers, and electricians on staff.

We love what we do.  If you’re thinking about a remodeling project, we’d love to help you explore the options.  Whether you are improving the curb appeal of a house on the market or crafting the home of your dreams, we have the experience and the local resources to get the job done right.


We enjoy ongoing relationships with most of our clients.  It’s not unusual for us to go to a house to do a one-day job, and then be given more and more work to do.  Before we know it, we’ve been there six months and taken care of the client’s entire home-improvement wish list.

Troy Mombourquette, Owner


Full Service = Fewer Headaches

As a full service home design and building company, we can handle every phase of your remodeling project – from preliminary drawings to appliance selection and the final coat of paint.

Park Place Homes has an in-house team to manage all aspects of your home remodeling project.  We have an electrician and a plumber on staff, and if you need a specialist who doesn’t work for us, we will find and manage that vendor for you as well.

Our streamlined process translates directly into cost savings, faster project completion times, better team communication and fewer hassles.